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Visit Tohoku region where huge Tsunami was hit it in 2011.

March 16, 2014

This is Tommy again, last month…

Travel to devastated site, three years after the huge earthquake and Matsu-shima in Tohoku.

This is for the place affected by the disaster.

I called on one of my friends in Tohoku region, which I went as a tour guide.

2011 March 11th, as you should know on TV News, the big earthquake happened followed by massive Tsunami resulting in more than 15,000 deaths.

It is one of the worst disasters in Japan’s history, also followed by nuclear disaster.

Still some areas in Tohoku are isolated but only near Fukushima-nuclear plant and we can go to many sites in Tohoku. However, many people have no choice but to live in other than their home town.


Go to Sendai Station in Tohoku by Bullet train, which is so comfortable means of transportation and so fast.

One of attractions in Tohoku is food with no doubt.

“Gyutan”, broiled beef tongue by charcoal fire is local specialty in Sendai City, which has good aroma and texture is appropriately being chewed enough. This goes well with boiled rice. It costs around 1,500 yen inclusive of rice, soup with beef tongue and picked vegetable.


After lunch, we went to the area suffered Tsunami.


Still leave the damaged house.

Tohoku -0091

Curbed street light by impact of Tsunami.


The famous government building for disaster in Minami Sanriku-cho stand in tranquil atmosphere and feel silent at this site.

To look up the building from grand floor, we can feel how Tsunami was surprisingly high! Almost 11 meters high.

And I heard the story that only the person handing the antenna on roof top survived and the other were flowed away by the powerful flow of Tsunami.

I thought of if I were here, first or second floor was safe but actually was not….

There are offered flower for the deceased in the disaster. It is so silent at the site….

We prayed for the people’s calm and wish that the disaster will not happen again.


some people in Minami-Sanriku cho built temporary shop ranging from barber, stationery, restaurant, Izakaya or the like.

I bought ballpoint pen for me and the people in the Minami Sanriku cho.

And then went to the Ryokan in Oiwake Onsen (hot spring)

Sun set sceneries are beautiful.


Oiwake Onsen Ryokan


It costs around 7,700 yen including breakfast and dinner (so so fresh seafood must enjoy your pallet!!) Room and public bath have so old and traditional atmosphere that you can enjoy the atmosphere. Yesterday, I went to Matsushima (islands with pine trees, one of the best three landscapes in Japan.

Matsu shima.

I visited Zuiganji-Temple, Oyster house and Matsushima with cruising boat.

Zuiganji-Temple date back to B.C 828. One of the oldest temples.



There are ‘’Kakigoya’’,Oyster-House. Only with the cost of 2,000 yen, you can eat as more baked oyster as possible within 40 minutes!


baked oyster in Oyster house





Travel to Ise Jingu (Shrine)

March 8, 2014

Hello, this is Tommy.

I travelled to Ise Jingu (shrine) in Mie prefecture last month, which is so famous for the Shinto shrine having quite long history and Sikinenn-Sengu, which is the tradition that the shrine has long renovated in every 20 years from more than 1300 years ago. It was so impressive!!

Ize Shrine-17

Imagenew shrine

ImageOld one

We can pray for Shinto deity in this historical shrine surrounded by forest, which give of an mysterious atmosphere.

Last year, Sikinenn-Sengu has been finished so the site is quite lively in order to see newly built brand-new shrine and many people goes to worship the deity of this shrine.

Sikinenn-Sengu is tradition meaning that we move to Shinto deity (like god in the west) to newly built shrine from old one. The renovation is made every years for Ise Jingu and this events started in 690. By maintaining this tradition, we can preserve original design of the shrine even wooden structure is subject to fire down or corruption long time.

Here we can feel tradition and newly built shrine is auspicious like baby.

In addition, I will recommend one famous Japanese confectionery, Akafuku.

Ize Shrine-47

This sweets is famous nationwide and delicious. It is made of sweet bean paste outside and rice cake in side.

With cost only 280yen, you can enjoy 3 pieces of Akafuku and Japanese tea (Bancha) sitting on tatami flooring in the store.

You can go to this traditional shrine one day trip from Tokyo by bullet train (Shinkansen.)