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Charity ♥

March 14, 2018


A friend of mine is a knit designer working for a famous Japanese apparel company, after she had suffered breast cancer (sadly 😦 ), she cut her hair and donated it to Non Profit Organization who make special wigs for people who lost their hairs and need wigs due to anticancer drugs. As you need to donate hair at least 30 cm length, it is not easy to donate many times for a certain period. That is why she started her own charity to knit heart shaped charms with knitting yarn that is factory waste of apparel companies and ask people to buy them at 200 yen.

I liked her idea so I ask her to make some and now we put them on the counter of our shop. Check them out when you are here !

Hair Donation   HERO


Sakura forecast 2018

February 22, 2018

It was snowy rain this morning and freezing cold! We were about to cancel the ride, but our brave guests say they don’t care, so we have decided to hit the road.

So it is still mid of winter, but the season is surely moving on and we are seeing lots of signs that spring is approaching. If you check our recent pictures on FB, you will see some photos of plum and cherry blossoms.

Here is the latest Sakura (Cherry blossoms) forecast. It seems Sakura will start to bloom on around March 25 and will be full bloom on 1st. / 2nd. April.



Send a postcard to your loved one from Tokyo!

October 26, 2017


Sometime we are asked where to buy postcards in Tokyo. More people use email, SNS to contact and less people send cards or letter by post. But still it is nice when you receive handwritten messages. In Tokyo not many souvenir shop sell postcards, so we made our original cards with Japanese style design.


It is our complimentary service, so you can write the message to your family or friends on your favorite design card and drop it in the box. We will put the stamp and send it for you. So please don’t forget to write the address :–) At this moment we have 10 different designs. If you want them all, we sell them as a set at 300 yen. (Thank you for sharing the printing fee…!)

We will add more designs soon. Do you want to know who draw this? She is very shy, so only from this angle… A lady named Toki  aged 70 plus (secret…) who is a mother of one of our staffs. Thank you, Toki for your lovely works!


Sakura forecast 2016

February 16, 2016


It’s still pretty cold here in Tokyo, but we can find some signs of early spring here and there in the city. And, yes, we need to talk about this topic – when the cherry blossoms open flowers? According to the forecast companies it is likely they will start to bloom on March 27 and the best timing to see full bloom is between April 1 – 8 in Tokyo area.

If you want to see cherry blossoms now, there are a few places that you can see early cherry blossoms. There are more than 600 different species of cherry blossoms, but more than 80% of cherry blossoms we normally see in Japan is just one type called Somei Yoshino. When we talk about Sakura, it normally indicates Somei Yoshino cherry blossoms and they usually open flowers in the early April. But for example, Kawazu Sakura has its full bloom season earlier like mid of February, yes now is the time!

Somei Yoshino

Kawazu Sakura

If you travel to Kawazu, they have Kawazu Sakura festival until March 10th. It takes 2.4 hours from Tokyo station to Kawazu station by JR. If you don’t have enough time to travel there, then how about to walk along Oyoko River next to Kiba park. There are about 100 trees planted along the river.
(Tokyo Great Kayaking Tour has a tour on Feb 21, 2016 and we will paddle along this river!)

In front of Tokyo Metro Takebashi station, near  Hirakawamon of the Imperial Palace is also a famous place to see Kawazu Sakura.


Walking Across the Rainbow Bridge !

November 26, 2013



Rainbow bridge, the bridge that connects Odaiba (manmade island in Tokyo bay) and mainland Tokyo, exists as one of the symbols in bayside area of this city. Not only the cars and Yurikamome (automated guideway transit) , but also the pedestrians can go across this bridge through its side path. 30 minutes walk of 1.7 km side way will give you incredible view of Tokyo bay.

The trip starts from the foot of the bridge. If you are with a bicycle, you will be provided with a special attachment to the rear tyre of the bike in order to avoid riding on the side path. It is simply because to stop bicycles from speeding. So here, you have to push your bike through 1.7km lol.


Attachment on the rear tyre… We have to push the bike !


However, the view from the bridge is of worth walking 1.7km. You will see the gigantic main tower, the old gun battery built back in Edo period, or the container port that imports various products to the capital.


Main Tower, 126m high


View of Odaiba, leaves are turning red…



-Open Hours: 9:00~21:00 (4/1~10/31), 10:00~18:00(11/1~3/31), closed on every 3rd Monday of the month

-Fee: Free

-Time needed: 30 minutes



Autumn Festival

September 19, 2013

As we wrote on our blog before, we have many Natsumatsuri (Summer Festival) in Japan, but Autumn is also a season to see lots of Akimatsuri (Autumn Festival) in the towns. Local shrines hold the festivals to thank gods for the harvest, so the significance is almost same as that of  Thanksgiving.

Here are some of the festivals holding Akimatsuri in this weekend. If you have a chance, please stop and have a look at them.


*Nezu Shrine   (5 min. walk from Nezu station on Chiyoda Line)   : Sep. 21- 22

*Atago Shrine (5 min. walk from Kamiyacho station on hibiya line) : Sep. 22-24

*Akagi Shrine (1 min. walk from Kagurazaka station on Tozai Line) : Sep 21-22


Enjoy long weekend in Tokyo!

Tokyo’s Great Restaurants Vol.6 ~ by Take ~

June 6, 2012

Hi there,

Well, this is already Volume 6 of the series, so I would like to provide a different taste here. I believe people would like to try something special in Japan. The other guides have already recommended some restaurants that are nice in terms of taste. Different from them, I would like to suggest 3 restaurants that provides you unforgettable experiences rather than tastes.



Name: “Ninja Akasaka”

Area: Akasaka

Have you ever met any Ninja before? here, you can meet ninjas, who could kindly serve you a meal. I have used this place for both private and business, and this place was very much appreciated by my guests in both cases.



Name: “The Lock Up”

Location: several places in Tokyo

I have long wondered how prisoner enjoys meals in jails. This restaurants gives you a chance to experience the meal in jails. Note that you need to go there with a partner since you and she/he will be handcuffed. If your heart is not that strong, please do not consider going there. (This place is not recommended for business use, but is very entertaining if you go there with your partner)



Name: “The story of Taketori”

Location: several places in Tokyo

The theme of the restaurant is a Japanese fairytale-like story. Very cozy place with inexpensive menu.


That’s for now. I’ll come back to the blog from time to time. till then ^^;

The scenery during the tour on 27th May

May 29, 2012


The tour on 27th Sat was really wonderful with great weather. I believe this is one of the best season to cycle in the city of Tokyo. It is not too hot, and we have varity of events in Tokyo in these days, including the Octoberfest in Hibiya park, for instance. Let’s enjoy Tokyo together !


Cherry Blossom Forecast 2012

March 7, 2012

As we wrote on our blog last year, early March is the time we start to predict on which date the first cherry blossom blooms and we feel very nervous but at the same time we very much look forward to it.

Here are the “Kaika Yoso (Cherry blossom forecast) 2012” announced by a few different companies.

<Weather News>


<Weather Map>

Seeing their forecast the place where people can see cherry blossom at the earliest is Shizuoka, and then in Tokyo it seems cherry blossom will start to bloom on around March 31st., and the flower will be full bloom on around April 5th. 


We have tours on March 29th. (route B),  April 1st. (route B), 3rd. (route A), 4th. (route C), 5th.(route B), 7th. (route A) and 8th. (route B). Sorry but March 31st. is fully booked and only one spot is available for 7th. tour. You will make it if you hurry!  😉

Tsukiji Fish Market has restarted to open “Tuna Auction area” to tourists

July 27, 2011

Once suspended showing the area to tourists after the earthquake on March 11 this year, Tsukiji Fish Market announced that they reopen the visitors’ area at tuna auction space. They also announced that they would change their policy as follows. Visitors’ area is re-opened on July 26, 2011.


Tourists want to visit a tuna auction must be at Kachidoki Gate (勝どき門) at/before 5:00 am. (It was 4:30 am previously.)

60 visitors in the first group (5:25 am to 5:50 am) and 60 in the second group ( 5:50 am to 6:15 am), total only 120 visitors are allowed to enter the area.