Send a postcard to your loved one from Tokyo!

Sometime we are asked where to buy postcards in Tokyo. More people use email, SNS to contact and less people send cards or letter by post. But still it is nice when you receive handwritten messages. In Tokyo not many souvenir shop sell postcards, so we made our original cards with Japanese style design. It […]

Sakura forecast 2016

It’s still pretty cold here in Tokyo, but we can find some signs of early spring here and there in the city. And, yes, we need to talk about this topic – when the cherry blossoms open flowers? According to the forecast companies it is likely they will start to bloom on March 27 and […]

Autumn Festival

As we wrote on our blog before, we have many Natsumatsuri (Summer Festival) in Japan, but Autumn is also a season to see lots of Akimatsuri (Autumn Festival) in the towns. Local shrines hold the festivals to thank gods for the harvest, so the significance is almost same as that of  Thanksgiving. Here are some […]

Tokyo’s Great Restaurants Vol.6 ~ by Take ~

Hi there, Well, this is already Volume 6 of the series, so I would like to provide a different taste here. I believe people would like to try something special in Japan. The other guides have already recommended some restaurants that are nice in terms of taste. Different from them, I would like to suggest 3 […]

The scenery during the tour on 27th May

The tour on 27th Sat was really wonderful with great weather. I believe this is one of the best season to cycle in the city of Tokyo. It is not too hot, and we have varity of events in Tokyo in these days, including the Octoberfest in Hibiya park, for instance. Let’s enjoy Tokyo together !

Cherry Blossom Forecast 2012

As we wrote on our blog last year, early March is the time we start to predict on which date the first cherry blossom blooms and we feel very nervous but at the same time we very much look forward to it. Here are the “Kaika Yoso (Cherry blossom forecast) 2012” announced by a few […]