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Autumn Festival

September 19, 2013

As we wrote on our blog before, we have many Natsumatsuri (Summer Festival) in Japan, but Autumn is also a season to see lots of Akimatsuri (Autumn Festival) in the towns. Local shrines hold the festivals to thank gods for the harvest, so the significance is almost same as that of  Thanksgiving.

Here are some of the festivals holding Akimatsuri in this weekend. If you have a chance, please stop and have a look at them.


*Nezu Shrine   (5 min. walk from Nezu station on Chiyoda Line)   : Sep. 21- 22

*Atago Shrine (5 min. walk from Kamiyacho station on hibiya line) : Sep. 22-24

*Akagi Shrine (1 min. walk from Kagurazaka station on Tozai Line) : Sep 21-22


Enjoy long weekend in Tokyo!


Aromatherapy cycling

October 10, 2008

If you walk or bike around in Tokyo now, you can easily smell very sweet floral fragrance anywhere. Actually this is the fragrance of orange osmanthus (or sweet olive) . Each flower is not so big, but its fragrance is strong. We Japanese (Tokyo people) always feel autumn when we smell it.

Ummmm… nice smell. Let’s breathe deeply and be relaxed -!!

Yukiko  25C  @ Hibiya Park