Sakura forecast 2019

Recently announced latest forecast for this year’s cherry blossoms says it will start to bloom on around March 23 (see below map) and will be full bloom the end of March. So exciting! Some of our tours are becoming booked out. So if you are considering to join our tour, please fix your schedule, the […]

New route, our the 7th. route – Time Travel to Good Old Tokyo

We have recently launched our 7th. route – Time Travel to Good Old Tokyo. This route has 30 km and several hills, it will be the most difficult route among our seven various different routes. This tour is designed for people who have stamina and physical fitness. However, look at the picture! We are all […]

Cherry Blossoms forecast 2017

It looks Tokyo is the place we can see the cherry blossoms the earliest time in this spring. There are many company who provide on-line cherry blossoms forecasts and they say cherry blossoms will start to bloom earlier than usual in Kanto (including Tokyo) and northern Japan, but it will come later than normal year […]

New Route – Tokyo Hills and Backstreets Ride

We will launch the new route in a short while.  “Tokyo Hills and Backstreets Ride”, as this name indicates, we have many hills and take small backstreets on our way. There are 12 hills (half of them are uphills) and some of them are quite steep 🙂   We will depart our office at around 9 […]

Cherry blossoms forecast 2015 – Vol. 1

Japanese weather forecast company, Weather Map announced today that they forecast the cherry blossoms may start to bloom in March 24 in Tokyo. Maybe it is too hasty to react nervously to this kind of announcement. Tomorrow’s weather forecast says it will SNOW in Tokyo !(@_@;). But anyway we are such looking forward to cherry […]

Summer Evening Tour will start on July 4th!

 We are still in the middle of the rainy season in Tokyo, but it is a break today and it’s very hot and humid already… We’ll operate the evening tour this year again. This seasonal special tour is available on weekday during July 4th until September 30th. Please join us and enjoy nice and cool […]

Top page icon design – Tanabata Festival

Maybe not many people have noticed, but  there is a small graphic icon which represents seasonal events in Japan, at the top of  our website.  I have put this  for July.   Tanabata festival is held on July 7th in Tokyo, but the original story comes from a Chinese folk story. For details, please go to wikipedia. We […]

New tour course has just released ! – Sumo wrestler’s ride –

We started the tour on Nov. 2006, and since then we’ve been carrying on the tour following the same route -named Tokyo Bay Ride. On this route, we visit and see contrast of new and old of Edo-Tokyo scenery. And, today was the first day for us to launch the new route – Sumo Wrestler’s […]