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Sakura forecast 2019

February 15, 2019

Recently announced latest forecast for this year’s cherry blossoms says it will start to bloom on around March 23 (see below map) and will be full bloom the end of March. So exciting! Some of our tours are becoming booked out. So if you are considering to join our tour, please fix your schedule, the sooner, the better !

Here are our website  Cycling Tour   Kayaking Tour  and Running tour 

See you in Tokyo this spring!



New route, our the 7th. route – Time Travel to Good Old Tokyo

October 16, 2017


We have recently launched our 7th. route – Time Travel to Good Old Tokyo. This route has 30 km and several hills, it will be the most difficult route among our seven various different routes. This tour is designed for people who have stamina and physical fitness. However, look at the picture! We are all small Japanese girls and even  we can enjoy the tour including hills, so you don’t need to worry too much 🙂

Actually this tour takes you to untouristy and off the beaten paths, where you will feel nostalgic even though is is the first time for you to visit the areas.



It is always very glad and honor that we have many return customers. They encourage us to create more and more new routes! This time we will visit the north western part of Tokyo central  area. There will be many more areas you will be able to enjoy cycling through.

We are sure you will love the new route, too!  Route G 

Cherry Blossoms forecast 2017

March 2, 2017


It looks Tokyo is the place we can see the cherry blossoms the earliest time in this spring. There are many company who provide on-line cherry blossoms forecasts and they say cherry blossoms will start to bloom earlier than usual in Kanto (including Tokyo) and northern Japan, but it will come later than normal year in Kansai (Osaka or Kyoto).

When is the best time to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo? Maybe it will start to bloom around March 22 and will be full bloom at around April 1-3.

Have you booked our tour yet? Unfortunately cycling tours both on April 1 and 2 are full. But we have still kayak tours both on April 1 and 2. And our running tour is also available on April 1. Please check our Tour Calendar and book the tour when you fix your schedule!



New Route – Tokyo Hills and Backstreets Ride

June 29, 2015


We will launch the new route in a short while.  “Tokyo Hills and Backstreets Ride”, as this name indicates, we have many hills and take small backstreets on our way. There are 12 hills (half of them are uphills) and some of them are quite steep 🙂

miyakezaka  We will depart our office at around 9 am then pedal through Ginza to our very 1st. hill – Miyake-zaka along the inner moat of the Imperial Palace. By the way, “Zaka” or “Saka” means slope or hill in Japanese. We will have a quick visit at Yasukuni Shrine known as War Shrine.


After the shrine, we will go up another hill called O-Saka, which is quite steep and challenging. Even our guide might dismount from the bike and walk… The area is now Kagurazaka, the area’s name itself contains the meaning of slope, so there are lots of hills in this area. Some time ago, Kagurazaka had many Geisha houses and still there are many small and nice restaurants at their hidden backstreets.

Cycling up and down some more hills, we must become very hungry. Yes, now it’s lunch time!

After lunch, we will stop at Japanese garden, Rikugien.

rikugien tabata2



When you see Shinobazu Pond, you have nearly done all the hills already and now we take flat way back to our office. We will finish the tour at around 3 pm.


Total distance is 30 km, although this is a hard course with many hills but we will promise you will enjoy the entire route and find different part of Tokyo, and will also promise the beer after the tour is very tasty without a doubt!!   beer

Cherry blossoms forecast 2015 – Vol. 1

January 29, 2015


Japanese weather forecast company, Weather Map announced today that they forecast the cherry blossoms may start to bloom in March 24 in Tokyo. Maybe it is too hasty to react nervously to this kind of announcement. Tomorrow’s weather forecast says it will SNOW in Tokyo !(@_@;).

But anyway we are such looking forward to cherry blossoms!! The tour in this season becomes very popular and easily becomes full. So if you are considering to join our bike tour, it is better to fix your schedule and book the tour 😉

Summer Evening Tour will start on July 4th!

June 24, 2011

 We are still in the middle of the rainy season in Tokyo, but it is a break today and it’s very hot and humid already…

We’ll operate the evening tour this year again. This seasonal special tour is available on weekday during July 4th until September 30th. Please join us and enjoy nice and cool evening by bike!

You can check the details here!

Top page icon design – Tanabata Festival

June 29, 2009


Maybe not many people have noticed, but  there is a small graphic icon which represents seasonal events in Japan, at the top of  our website

I have put this  tanabatafor July.


Tanabata festival is held on July 7th in Tokyo, but the original story comes from a Chinese folk story. For details, please go to wikipedia.

We celebrate Tanabata by writhing a wish on a colorful strips of paper called “Tanzaku(短冊)” and hang it on a bamboo branch. It is one of the exciting seasonal events in the year, especially for small kids.


Last Saturday during our tour, we visited a Niigata Prefecture pilot shop in Nihombashi. We all wrote our wishes on Tanzaku. <Above picture>  I wished for world peace, happiness for all  …. and a little something  for my private 😀

New tour course has just released ! – Sumo wrestler’s ride –

September 7, 2008

We started the tour on Nov. 2006, and since then we’ve been carrying on the tour following the same route -named Tokyo Bay Ride. On this route, we visit and see contrast of new and old of Edo-Tokyo scenery.

And, today was the first day for us to launch the new route – Sumo Wrestler’s Ride. We visit Nihonbashi, Ryogoku where national Sumo stadium (Kokugikan Hall) and many sumo stables locate, Asakusa, Ueno, and Hongo area. Luckily we could see some Sumo wrestlers during the tour as they’ll have September Grand Sumo Tournament starting from next Sunday (14th Sep). That’s why they were practicing at their stables in Ryogoku and at the moment we got there at around 11:00, they just finish practicing and have just started to prepare their lunch. The meal that Sumo wrestlers take is called ‘Chanko’ and usually it is hot pot with a lot —–of materials inside. We can also taste ‘Chanko’ hot pot in the restaurant. Many restaurants near Ryogoku area serve ‘Chanko’ hot pot, which is my favorite! (But I can’t eat so much , of course 🙂 )


@ In front of Kasugano-Beya Sumo stable   26C   Cloudy

I’m quite sure that our new route is also very exciting and enjoyable for all overseas visitors. Please join us!

Today’s tour

September 6, 2008

It is something strange these days on the weather of Japan. Heavy rain starts very suddenly with thunder, or continue raining in mid-summer as if it is rainy season. Someone says caused by global warming Japan became semitropical country. Noone can predict the weather even Meteorogical Agency.

So, we are a bit anxious about the weather today, but we decided to go and it was right! It was cloudy but we had 7 guests (from Germany, India, Australia and USA. Also from Nagoya, Japan!) and enjoyed the delightful tour!

Yukiko @Ariake, Tokyo  27C , Cloudy

Trying other bike tour

July 28, 2008

Here in Tokyo, it is vacation season, too. So TGCT staffs also take turn taking holidays.

I went to Napa Valley, California for nice wine & cuisine, and I also joined the bike tour. Their are a few operators but I joined ‘Napa Valley Bike Tour’  . Riding in the vinyard and visiting some winery for wine tasting (Not for drinking, but for ‘tasting’ !!) looks very attractive for me, so I booked through their website. Our guide Paul, who had been working for Chevron for 32 years and now is basking in retirement, is very knowledgable about wine and very young and powerful at his age leading us in rock-strewn hillside in the vinyard. My husband and I from Tokyo and another young couple who are both lawyer from N.Y., four of us could enjoy fully cycling and tasting. It was really nice ride.

I, as a bike tour operator, will learn from them in a way, and will brush up our service hereafter.
So, Don’t miss our tour, too!!

Yukiko @ Napa Valley, California U.S.A. 22C Cloudy