Cycling in Beautiful Fukushima

Last year I went to Setouchi area for cycling with my Brompton, and this year my bike mate, Haruna with whom I had traveled last year suggests me to go to Aizu area in Fukushima. I have been to Aizu many times, mainly for skiing but it is first time for me to go for […]

Rinko (輪行) to Hanamigawa cycling road

This is Kazu writing. Peter and Kathy, our friends who are repeat guests of our bike tour had wanted to try something new. So we had suggested them to join our trial tour to Hanamigawa, Chiba Prefecture to test our plan by RINKO, train and bike. They had got interested in this idea, so that […]

Karuizawa Great Cycling Tour in Golden Week

Hello, I am Kazu. I would like to write on 2013 Karuizawa Great Cycling Tour (KGCT). It was held at Karuizawa, Nagano, known as an old and famous resort area in Japan, on May 4, 2013, in the middle of Golden Week, national holiday week. It was a beautiful day, just blue sky without clouds, […]

The most beautiful cycling road in Japan ~Shimanami-Kaido

As I accomplished what I have wanted to do for a long time in my golden week holiday,  my next long-held goal is cycling at Shimanami-Kaido where all cyclists without any exception say “must do” if you are cyclists. So I asked three of my friends to go cycling together. All of us have similar folding […]

From Tokyo to Karuizawa ~ Long bike ride in my Golden Week vacation

It has been my long time target to go to Karuizawa in Nagano from my house in Tokyo by bike. It is about 190 km.  I’m doing the tours mostly four days every week and that means I ride a bike about 120 km every week. And it is helping me to stay healthy (maybe?). But […]

Cycling in Niseko, Hokkaido

Perhaps you’ve heard this name of Niseko as a good ski resort on the northern island of  Hokkaido. Since Australian skiers and snowboarders were enchanted by Niseko’s powder snow, this name has passed from person to person in the overseas countries and thus Niseko became very popular destination especially in winter. I am also one of them who love Niseko’s […]

Winter Sale – TGCT T-shirts

As we’ve informed already, now we have original T-shirts for sale. Some of our tour guests have purchased them for souvenirs. Thank you!!  It is available at 3,000 yen now!!  (orignal price is 3,500yen)  We have 3 sizes, Men’s XL, L and M.  The material of the shirts is fast dry 100% Polyester, and the brand […]

Bicycle Design Welcome Signboard

Our new “Welcome signboard” arrived at our office today. A beautiful stained-glass panel using my favorite colour — GREEN. Nozomi is the artist who created this artwork and  she usually makes interior accessories like  candle holders, mirrors or vase etc.  She herself has recently found the joy of cycling, and so she accepted our special request. It definitely brightened up […]