Cherry Blossom 2009 @ Tokyo

   Yesterday, the Japan Meterological Agency announced its forecasts of cherry blossom flowering times for this spring. Accoording to them, it is expected to be warm in this March , same as in the last month, the cherry blossoms will open earlier than usual in this year in many parts of the country. In Kanto area including Tokyo, […]

Beautiful autumn leaves in Tokyo

Today a family with two kids joined our tour, they seemed to like our bike trailer. They were 3-year-girl and 7-year-boy, so before we started we were a bit afraid that they would become boring in the mid course, but they could finish the tour! Everyone walked passing us surprisedly looked at trailer… (Maybe it is […]

Late autumn – winter cycling

We are often asked whether we have a tour in winter or not. Yes, we are doing the tour all year around, except for New Year’s holiday and some other irregular cases. (Please check our website). Some of our guests are surprised to hear that, but cycling in winter is, in fact, very comfortable. Actually compared to the cycling […]

Cycle Mode – Cycle show in Tokyo

I went to Makuhari in Chiba prefecture with Masa to see ‘Cycle Mode’ – the exibition for all kinds of bicycles. More than 400 brands, 1,700 bikes can be showed and also we can try to ride on some of the bikes. Because of surge of the fuel price and people’s health conscious, this event […]

Whole Maguro – Tuna fish @ Tsukiji fish market

  On our bike tour (Tokyo Bay Ride) , we visit Tsukiji Market – as a fish market this is the world biggest fish market-. Recently we knew the people from one of the wholesaler in the market, they are so friendly (not all of the Tsukiji wholesaler are friendly, and it is ofcourse Tsukiji is a […]

Today’s tour – Big festival is held in Asakusa

Our Sunday tour, we ride through some of the historic and cultural districts. In Edo period, three big entertainments for general people are Kabuki or Japanese puppet drama at theater, Sumo in Sumo theater and drinking and eating (or something other ?) at licenced quarter called Yoshiwara. All of them originally located in Nihonbashi area but as Edo town was expanding, those […]

Training program for bike maintenance

Today is National Sports Day in Japan, one of the National holidays, originally  celebrated on Oct.10th to commemorate the opening ceremony of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. 3 staffs from Tokyo Great Cycling Tour visited Clear Water Factory  to learn professional skills of bike maintenance! It took us 7 hours to take the bike to pieces […]

Today’s tour – Ristorante Fresco !?

On our bike tour, we buy Bento lunch box and eat outside. For Sunday’s tour, our luch place is by Sumida river.  The weather was so nice today, we had nice lunch time there ! In 2011, 2nd Tokyo Tower – Tokyo sky tree will be completed, this place – we named ‘Ristorante Fresco’ – […]

Today’s tour – experience of tea ceremony demonstration

In spite of the rain which was raining in the morning, we decided to operate the tour, as the weather forcast said it would stop around noon. And….. it did !  Just before we arrived at Odaiba where we usually eat lunch, it stoped raining. Not so much sunshine but it was no problem. Maybe […]