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Cycling in Niseko, Hokkaido

June 28, 2010

Perhaps you’ve heard this name of Niseko as a good ski resort on the northern island of  Hokkaido. Since Australian skiers and snowboarders were enchanted by Niseko’s powder snow, this name has passed from person to person in the overseas countries and thus Niseko became very popular destination especially in winter.

I am also one of them who love Niseko’s powder snow and so I was led there to join a ski race competition in this March. This is the picture from the race. Not so bad for 52 years old skier, am I?

  Luckily I could get the prize and that was free air ticket between Tokyo and Sapporo! 

That’s why I returned to Niseko, and this time with my bike! It was so sunny but not too hot and perfect weather for cycling. I could totally escape from wet and humid Tokyo.

Aoki san at Niseko Promotion Board took me around Mt. Yotei by bike. Mt. Yotei is so-called “Mt. Fuji of Hokkaido”, and it is so beautiful still partially covered with snow. The terrain was moderate, with some hill climbing and some down hill, very comfortable about 50 kilo meters ride. He also took me beautiful natural spring water where we can drink nice and cold water, hidden local hot spring and also very tasty Soba restaurant, bakery, Italian restaurant (I ate too much…!) . Thanks, Aoki san!

I will totally recommend Niseko as summer destination as well as winter!!!

They have a cycle event ” Niseko Cycle Week” in every September. Check their HP for details.

 Carlos @ Niseko