Tokyo’s Great Restaurants Vol.4 ~ by Sugiko ~

Sugiko, an able business woman working in Marunouchi in daytime and a funny Ukulele musician after sunset introduces her favorite restaurants in Tokyo. Here you go! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name, Area and Category  :  丸健水産  ~ 川栄 Maruken Suisan @ Akabane – “Oden” & Japanese standing bar Kawaei @ Akabane – Eel, Barbecued chicken Reason  :  Within […]

Tokyo’s Great Restaurants Vol.3 ~ by Kosuke ~

Kosuke, the youngest in TGCT staffs, is still at university of Tokyo and that’s why he knows many restaurants or cafes which are friendly on the wallet! Below are Kosuke’s favorites! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: 駒形どぜう / Komagata Dojo Category : weatherfish (Dojo) pot Reason why he likes : Enjoy the traditional Tokyo/Edo Food with 200 years […]