Matsuri- Festivals held this weekend in Tokyo

Sanno Matsuri


Summer festivals in Tokyo – 2011

Although lots of summer festivals are cancelled this year due to the tragic disaster in Tohoku area, still some of the festivals are scheduled to be held.  Some are especially for the memorial to the victims. ——————— July 13  – 15   7:00 pm —   Tsukuda Island Bon Dance Festival     @Tsukuda Island […]

Mochitsuki – Rice cake making festival

Traditionally we, Japanese people have rice cake making event during new year time. Sometime at schools, sometime at  neighborhood association, we have this event.  The rice cake  is called “Mochi”, and rice cake making event is called “Mochitsuki” in Japanese.  We, especially all the children like “Mochitsuki” festival very much, but this has another aspect as a […]