The traditional event – Shichi – Go- San

Hi there. I am Masa again! Our family celebrated  Shichi-Go-San ceremony for my seven years old girl last Sunday. Shichi -Go-San literally means Seven-Five-Three in Japanese and we Japanese have a traditional event to celebrate their children’s healthy growing up at their three, five and seven years age. (Usually three years old and seven years […]

Autumn Festival

As we wrote on our blog before, we have many Natsumatsuri (Summer Festival) in Japan, but Autumn is also a season to see lots of Akimatsuri (Autumn Festival) in the towns. Local shrines hold the festivals to thank gods for the harvest, so the significance is almost same as that of  Thanksgiving. Here are some […]

Matsuri – Summer festival – season has come

We have many festivals and events all year round, but especially summer is a season when a lot of Matsuri (festival) are held in Japan. The world “Matsuri” literally means “enshrine” and so the origin of Matsuri comes from the ritual to pray and thank God for the abundant crops. Also it is very humid […]

Summer festivals in Tokyo – 2011

Although lots of summer festivals are cancelled this year due to the tragic disaster in Tohoku area, still some of the festivals are scheduled to be held.  Some are especially for the memorial to the victims. ——————— July 13  – 15   7:00 pm —   Tsukuda Island Bon Dance Festival     @Tsukuda Island […]

Mochitsuki – Rice cake making festival

Traditionally we, Japanese people have rice cake making event during new year time. Sometime at schools, sometime at  neighborhood association, we have this event.  The rice cake  is called “Mochi”, and rice cake making event is called “Mochitsuki” in Japanese.  We, especially all the children like “Mochitsuki” festival very much, but this has another aspect as a […]

Festival at Atago Shrine

We operated the route B  (Sumo Wrestler’s Ride) tour today, with our always nice and cheerful guests. We made a extra stop at Atago Shrine (usually only on route A-Tokyo Bay Ride) as today was the day of the biennial festival. The “Shusse no Kaidan Matsuri (Steps to Success Festival)” is based on a famous legend going back some four […]

Fireworks Festival

The Meteorological Agency officially announced today that rainy season (Tsuyu) is over in Tokyo area. So sunny summer has finally come ! From ancient times, we Japanese have a custom of watching fireworks to enjoy the cool summer breeze in the evening.  There are quite a lot of events in July and August around Tokyo, here are just […]