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Kayaking in Tokyo!

May 30, 2011

Isn’t it a fun if we can kayak in the river or the bay in Tokyo and see sky scrapers from the water level?!

We bought three tandem kayaks the other day, and so, Masa , Sugiko and Yukiko gathered at our office to try to assemble and to go the first cruise on our new kayak on a very nice sunny day.

 (1) Start assembling, put on the joint side by side as described. I need a little tight power.

(2) The form is slightly tapered at both ends. An incorrect position of the belt is again 😦

(3) At once “ish” now. Still need to look at the instruction manual.

(4)Cruise test.  However if you do not have to swing on land!

(5) Lighter, unexpectedly.

(6) Has been full of good feeling. What is soon?

(7) Nice! I’m in sync.

(8) Behind the bar behind the familiar.

It was so — nice! Although the water is not so perfectly clean, it’s much more comfortable and relaxed and more over, it is very special.

Well…. we are thinking to start our kayak tour in the near future. When everything is ready, we’ll put the information on our website. Please wait until then!!