Matsuri – Summer festival – season has come

We have many festivals and events all year round, but especially summer is a season when a lot of Matsuri (festival) are held in Japan. The world “Matsuri” literally means “enshrine” and so the origin of Matsuri comes from the ritual to pray and thank God for the abundant crops. Also it is very humid […]

Summer Festivals in Tokyo, 2012

Traditionally many festivals have been long held in the mid of July to August to worship our ancestors and also reward farmers after the busy periods of rice planting. Most of the festivals are normally held in the evening. People want to come out for the festivals to enjoy cool evening breeze. If you’re in […]

Summer festivals in Tokyo – 2011

Although lots of summer festivals are cancelled this year due to the tragic disaster in Tohoku area, still some of the festivals are scheduled to be held.  Some are especially for the memorial to the victims. ——————— July 13  – 15   7:00 pm —   Tsukuda Island Bon Dance Festival     @Tsukuda Island […]