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Send a postcard to your loved one from Tokyo!

October 26, 2017


Sometime we are asked where to buy postcards in Tokyo. More people use email, SNS to contact and less people send cards or letter by post. But still it is nice when you receive handwritten messages. In Tokyo not many souvenir shop sell postcards, so we made our original cards with Japanese style design.


It is our complimentary service, so you can write the message to your family or friends on your favorite design card and drop it in the box. We will put the stamp and send it for you. So please don’t forget to write the address :–) At this moment we have 10 different designs. If you want them all, we sell them as a set at 300 yen. (Thank you for sharing the printing fee…!)

We will add more designs soon. Do you want to know who draw this? She is very shy, so only from this angle… A lady named Toki  aged 70 plus (secret…) who is a mother of one of our staffs. Thank you, Toki for your lovely works!



Sumo tournament has started in Tokyo

May 9, 2010

Today was the first day of May Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo.

On our tour for route B, we made a brief stop in front of Sumo studium and saw several Sumo wrestlers going in and out.

Recently it seems Sumo is becoming more and more popular among foreign tourists, while not so much popular among young Japanese…  I also didn’t have much interest in Sumo when I was young, but now I am proud that we have Sumo in Japan!  ….. Does it means I got older?! Oh no—!

Sumo ticket is available here.

The May Grand Sumo Tournament @Tokyo

May 15, 2009

画像 1680Photo by Antoine







As you know, Sumo is Japan’s  national sport and a type of  martial arts, but it originally was a religious ritual of Shinto (Japan’s indigenous religion). The story can be traced back to ancient times and the ritual was used to tell the harvest would be rich or poor, by seeking the divine intention of the Gods.

In the 16th century, it became an entertainment sport and during the Edo period many people enjoyed watching Sumo at shrines and temples, and this is the origin of current professional Sumo.

画像 1671

 Photo by M. Abe (TGCT)

(He is wearing a mask! To protect himself from the swine flu!?)




There are six Grand Sumo tournaments (Hon Basho) each year, three of them are held in Ryogoku, at the Sumo Hall (Ryogoku Kokugikan) in Tokyo. They are called Tokyo Basho and have tournaments in January, May and September every year. This year’s May Grand Sumo Tournament (Tokyo Basho) started on May 10th and will end on the 24th.

Everyday the wrestling match (bout) starts in the early morning for lower rank wrestlers and  continues until late afternoon for higher rank wrestlers’. During this period, many Sumo wrestlers can be seen around the Sumo Hall and you will know right away who the low rank wrestlers are and who are high. The high rank wrestlers are walking together with their assistants and the lower rank wrestlers are walking by themselves carrying their own belongings. You might also be able to tell the difference from their Kimono (traditional Japanese clothing) – those wearing simple cotton Kimono are lower in rank, and those wearing luxury silk Kimono in beautiful colour are of course higher in rank!  

The general admission tickets are available at 8:00 AM at the Sumo hall main gate at 2,100yen. With this ticket, you can stay for the whole day ! Maybe worth a try!?

画像 1667

We have a bike tour riding through Ryogoku area every Sunday. Please check here!

New tour course has just released ! – Sumo wrestler’s ride –

September 7, 2008

We started the tour on Nov. 2006, and since then we’ve been carrying on the tour following the same route -named Tokyo Bay Ride. On this route, we visit and see contrast of new and old of Edo-Tokyo scenery.

And, today was the first day for us to launch the new route – Sumo Wrestler’s Ride. We visit Nihonbashi, Ryogoku where national Sumo stadium (Kokugikan Hall) and many sumo stables locate, Asakusa, Ueno, and Hongo area. Luckily we could see some Sumo wrestlers during the tour as they’ll have September Grand Sumo Tournament starting from next Sunday (14th Sep). That’s why they were practicing at their stables in Ryogoku and at the moment we got there at around 11:00, they just finish practicing and have just started to prepare their lunch. The meal that Sumo wrestlers take is called ‘Chanko’ and usually it is hot pot with a lot —–of materials inside. We can also taste ‘Chanko’ hot pot in the restaurant. Many restaurants near Ryogoku area serve ‘Chanko’ hot pot, which is my favorite! (But I can’t eat so much , of course 🙂 )


@ In front of Kasugano-Beya Sumo stable   26C   Cloudy

I’m quite sure that our new route is also very exciting and enjoyable for all overseas visitors. Please join us!