Send a postcard to your loved one from Tokyo!

Sometime we are asked where to buy postcards in Tokyo. More people use email, SNS to contact and less people send cards or letter by post. But still it is nice when you receive handwritten messages. In Tokyo not many souvenir shop sell postcards, so we made our original cards with Japanese style design. It […]

Sumo tournament has started in Tokyo

Today was the first day of May Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo. On our tour for route B, we made a brief stop in front of Sumo studium and saw several Sumo wrestlers going in and out. Recently it seems Sumo is becoming more and more popular among foreign tourists, while not so much popular among […]

The May Grand Sumo Tournament @Tokyo

Photo by Antoine             As you know, Sumo is Japan’s  national sport and a type of  martial arts, but it originally was a religious ritual of Shinto (Japan’s indigenous religion). The story can be traced back to ancient times and the ritual was used to tell the harvest would be rich or poor, by seeking […]

New tour course has just released ! – Sumo wrestler’s ride –

We started the tour on Nov. 2006, and since then we’ve been carrying on the tour following the same route -named Tokyo Bay Ride. On this route, we visit and see contrast of new and old of Edo-Tokyo scenery. And, today was the first day for us to launch the new route – Sumo Wrestler’s […]