Summer Evening Tour will start on July 4th!

 We are still in the middle of the rainy season in Tokyo, but it is a break today and it’s very hot and humid already… We’ll operate the evening tour this year again. This seasonal special tour is available on weekday during July 4th until September 30th. Please join us and enjoy nice and cool […]

Tokyo Sky Tree is now world top 10 tower!

 As of May 17, the Tokyo Sky Tree – New Tokyo Tower – became the tower to break into the top 10 in the world. The project started in April 2009, as the current Tokyo Tower (333 meter high) is not give complete digital terrestrial television broadcasting coverage. It is becoming taller and taller from day to […]

Hanami – Cherry blossom forecast in 2010 spring

“Hanami” literally means “flower viewing” in Japanese. Although it means mainly cherry blossom viewing nowadays, traditionally “flower” means plum flower. And ancient Japanese people are said to enjoy plum blossom viewing  and they wrote many poems about it. This year the plum flower is blooming a bit earlier than usual, at many places on our bike tour we can enjoy its red […]

New train service connecting Narita Airport and Tokyo

Narita Airport is the gateway to the nation’s capital – Tokyo. The side  locates about 60 km northeast of  the central Tokyo and relatively far. There are several options to get to the central Tokyo from Narita Airport, by train (JR Line or Keisei Line) or by limousine bus. Of course it depends on what time will you take the […]

Festival at Atago Shrine

We operated the route B  (Sumo Wrestler’s Ride) tour today, with our always nice and cheerful guests. We made a extra stop at Atago Shrine (usually only on route A-Tokyo Bay Ride) as today was the day of the biennial festival. The “Shusse no Kaidan Matsuri (Steps to Success Festival)” is based on a famous legend going back some four […]

Gundam An 18m-High Transformer

I’m not, but many male population my age are or were fans of Gundam, a transformer which first went on air as a TV animation in April 1979. The year 2009 is the 30th anniversary and the reason for this  big project  – ” Green Tokyo Gundam Project“.  This is now being held in Tokyo. (July 11- Aug 31). A “real size” Gundam […]