Sakura forecast 2019

Recently announced latest forecast for this year’s cherry blossoms says it will start to bloom on around March 23 (see below map) and will be full bloom the end of March. So exciting! Some of our tours are becoming booked out. So if you are considering to join our tour, please fix your schedule, the […]

Cherry Blossoms forecast 2017

It looks Tokyo is the place we can see the cherry blossoms the earliest time in this spring. There are many company who provide on-line cherry blossoms forecasts and they say cherry blossoms will start to bloom earlier than usual in Kanto (including Tokyo) and northern Japan, but it will come later than normal year […]

One month has passed…

Sakura has come, also guests have come. We had the first guests this April. We enjoyed cycling and seeing cherry blossom. Now many people are going out of from their houses. People came back to the city and the park. Sakura looks like cheering us. And every time we are helped and encouraged by guests. […]

Gundam An 18m-High Transformer

I’m not, but many male population my age are or were fans of Gundam, a transformer which first went on air as a TV animation in April 1979. The year 2009 is the 30th anniversary and the reason for this  big project  – ” Green Tokyo Gundam Project“.  This is now being held in Tokyo. (July 11- Aug 31). A “real size” Gundam […]

Today’s tour – Ristorante Fresco !?

On our bike tour, we buy Bento lunch box and eat outside. For Sunday’s tour, our luch place is by Sumida river.  The weather was so nice today, we had nice lunch time there ! In 2011, 2nd Tokyo Tower – Tokyo sky tree will be completed, this place – we named ‘Ristorante Fresco’ – […]

Today’s tour – experience of tea ceremony demonstration

In spite of the rain which was raining in the morning, we decided to operate the tour, as the weather forcast said it would stop around noon. And….. it did !  Just before we arrived at Odaiba where we usually eat lunch, it stoped raining. Not so much sunshine but it was no problem. Maybe […]