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What a Universal design

April 2, 2015

Hi there. I am Masa. Today’s story is also about monkeys. That is Chimpanzee.

You may know well , if you have once been to Japan, there are so many vending machines. Especially in the center of Tokyo we feel we can find them every 50 steps.

Then, in Japan not only people but also Chimpanzee know how to use vending machine. You can see Chimpanzee using them in order to get canned drink at Tama zoo in Hino city. And they also know how to recycle the can. Please take look at these pictures.

mash the can
 First a Chimpanzee smash a can that he(or she) drank up.

putting in box

Next he drop it in the recycle box and get a coin.

putting a coin

Then he put a coin in the vending machine and got to get canned drink he want to drink.

got a drink can

Tama zoo is located west of Shinjuku. It takes about 1 hour from Shinjuku. You can take Keio-line from Shinjuku station and get off at Tamadobutsu-koen. Tama zoo is wide and a bit mountainous. I sometimes go there with my children and spend whole a day. There are some food shop but we usually enjoy picnic lunch.

Tama zoo is also famous by Lion bus.



Vending machines

June 18, 2010

Many of the tourists from overseas countries to Japan would be impressed  to see there are so many number of vending machines in Japan. The number of the machines are the most in the U.S. (7.5 million), but still 5.2 million machines for such a small country are something and thus the number of machines per capita is absolutely the highest in Japan.

Also we have wide varieties of machines. Nearly the half of the vending machines are selling canned or bottled drinks, but besids, we have machines for cup nooldes, snacks, icecreams…even sushi, underwear and flower!

The machine of below photo is a vending machine for fresh flowers (@Shinjuku). The temperature and the humidity are well controlled and managed.  

Just try them while your staying Japan 🙂