Tokyo’s Great Restaurants Vol.1 ~ by Etsuko ~

The New Michelin guide for Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe was published on October 22, 2010 and adding to 11 restaurants in Tokyo now there are 23 restaurants which have been given three stars in Japan. Nowadays Japanese cuisine is well known as one of the best and healthy foods in the world. Assuming that one of your main reasons to visit Japan could be great food, TGCT staff would like to introduce their favorite restaurants in Tokyo (but not necessarily Japanese food). When you find us at any of these places, please say hi! But if we are too happy (drunk ?), it might be safer to leave us alone 🙂

Here are Etsuko’s favorites! More to come ~  


Name : 恵比寿横丁 / Ebisu Yokocho

Area :  Ebisu / 2 min. from Ebisu sta.

Category : JAPANESE

<Etsuko’s comment> – love the environment; so friendly and energetic!

恵比寿18番 / Ebisu Juhachi-ban

Ebisu / 1 min. from Ebisu station


-quite small and always crowded but great tapas!

まつ勘 / Matsukan

Azabu Jyuban / 10 min. from Azabu Jyuban station


-about 10,000JPY for “omakase” sushi; down to earth sushi restaurant considering the neighbourhood

-very lively, BYOB (bring your own bottle) allowed

新日の基 (アンディーズ) / Shin-Hinomoto

Hibiya/Yurakucho  / 2 min. from Hibiya or Yurakucho station


-great atmosphere and great “kara-age”

ラ・ピッチョリー・ドゥ・ルル / La Pitchouli de Loulou

Hiroo / 10 min. from Hiroo station


-great food and wine (they serve by the glass too)

田舎家 / Inakaya

Roppongi / 5 min. from Roppongi station


-lively atmosphere, the way the grilled food is served is fun!

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