Tokyo’s Great Restaurants Vol.4 ~ by Sugiko ~

Sugiko, an able business woman working in Marunouchi in daytime and a funny Ukulele musician after sunset introduces her favorite restaurants in Tokyo. Here you go!


Name, Area and Category  :  丸健水産  ~ 川栄
Maruken Suisan @ Akabane – “Oden” & Japanese standing bar
Kawaei @ Akabane – Eel, Barbecued chicken

Reason  :  Within a couple of min. walk from JR Akabane Stn., you can enjoy hopping  Japanese old-style bars and Izakaya restaurants.  Located in a narrow lane with nostalgic atomosphare.


* What is “Oden”? — You can see this page.

Uroko @ Nakano – Grilled seafood,

You have to grill fish and crams on a charcoal stove by yourselves.
– 130m from JR Nakano Stn.

はん亭    Hantei @ Nedzu – Kushiage (Fried fish, meats and vegies)

Over 30 kinds for kushiage, deep-fried and served piece by piece. An old-style, pleasant building in a downtown area

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